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Really…the sex talk already?

You know when you’ve got a teenager when: you need to shout their name so loud you are screaming just to tell them it’s dinner!; when you get a one word answer to your questions; when you ask them who they are going out with and their answer is: “you don’t know them mum”; when you ask them to do something and their answer is “Do I have to” or “I’ll do it later”.

I have a teenage son. Fabio turned 15 this year and within a year he has grown overnight taller than me. He has started having facial hair. His voice has broken. He basically has become a man and it’s freaking me out!!!

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One evening this week over dinner, we discussed Fabio wanting to go to a house party and also staying overnight. I felt like I needed to know all the ins and outs of this party before letting him go. As I was discussing this with him, my father next to me says out loud :” you better get him some condoms!!!” SAY WHAT???

Completely baffled by this statement, I replied like an idiot “He can’t have sex yet, can he?”

I know, I know, I am an idiot!!!

But I never thought about it before and I guess I still considered him as my baby. Therefore how the hell can SEX even be a subject I needed to consider!!!

But I do, I have the have the sex talk. I so need to talk about it and explain things from a woman’s point of view.

I don’t need to have the normal sex talk to teach him about the birds and the bees as I am sure he already knows everything about that 🙈.

But, I do need to talk to him from a woman’s point of view and help him to make the right decisions. Understanding how important it is to respect women and never to force them into doing anything they don’t want, especially if alcohol is involved. In fact, I am going to stress that there is no pressure at all and that there is plenty of time, should he feel that there is peer pressure about having sex already 😱. It’s not going to be an easy conversation but it is time and I have to do it. I got some inspiration from this really great article about teaching your kids the reality behind consent when it comes to sex, well worth a read by clicking here.

I am so proud of Fabio, he has embraced our healthy living and got involved in our new project: fitness for teenager (results4teen coming soon). He is a true gentleman and any young lady will be lucky to have him.

I just need to let go and realise he is no longer a baby.

Wish me luck!

The joys of parenthood. #mumlife #thetalk

Cecilia x