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Cecilia Harris – Fitness Ladies. Me and my boys x

Welcome to Let’s Talk, Fitness Ladies.

Here’s a little bit about me, Cecilia Harris.

I’m 45 years old and I have lived in Essex with my husband Frank and my son Fabio, for the last 8 years. Before that we were in Miami for 3 years and the French Alps before that. I’m a serial mover! Other than when I ballooned when pregnant with Fabio and a few years in my mid teens when I discovered fast food for the first time, I’ve always been relatively slim, but most often wishing I was 7-8 pounds lighter.
Cecilia Harris - 5 weeks pregnant
(that’s me 5 months pregnant )


I’ve also wished all my life that I was a few (3 or 4) inches taller, all on the legs if possible! But I’m guessing that’s not going to happen. I first found Personal Training while living in Miami. Troy my trainer inspired me enough for me to want to be as good as he was, to learn how to push, pull and coax people to get the maximum benefit by giving that last little bit.


Some more random stuff about me

– I was born in Paris on the 15th April 1971, and moved to Tunisia at the age of 5.
– I moved to the USA at the age of 15 
– I am married and have a teenage boy
– I spend a lot of my time training/coaching my clients and myself. I also love my family time, walks with my 4 dogs and chilling on the deck in the back garden
– I love helping my followers through social media and this has changed my life 
– I love the Internet and the connection it brings to many 
– My favourite colour is pink and my favourite numbers are 5 and 8
– I like having new experiences. Sometimes they’re good, some bad, but different is crucial 
– I love food
– I love to help people, it makes me happy😊


Cecilia Harris - the other loves of my life

Cecilia Harris – the other loves of my life

Cecilia x