Bikini in 40s Cover

My friend told me that you shouldn’t wear a 2 piece after 40. Is that true?

Giving up bikinis after age 40? Nuh-uh. As long as women feel comfortable in their own skin (and they have every right to, no matter their age), there’s no reason to retire the bikinis! Wear what you want, whether that’s a bikini, tankini, one-piece, whatever. Plus, women don’t suddenly become less sexy when they hit a certain age; it doesn’t matter if that’s 48, 58, or 98.

I thought long and hard about sharing that post on social media. I mean, I’m 46 and wearing a bikini for goodness sake! But then it hit me. I remembered who I am and what I stand for and I realised that I simply had to press ‘post’. “Well if it just inspires one woman today” I thought, “If just one woman decides to own her body, love herself up and live her life without the fear of what everybody else thinks, then it will be a good thing!
Bikini in 40s

Every woman, even the grandmas, wear a two-piece on holiday in Greece. All the Turks and Italians and whoever else seemed to be sunning themselves on the Aegean in August – where it is very hot – is wearing very little. In fact, some women even opted out of tops! Everyone seemed quite comfortable.

At this stage of the game, I don’t care about being perfect. I’ve never eaten more healthfully — tons more vegetables and protein than the Doritos and pizza that used to be my nutritional staples – and exercise consistently ever week.

I want to feel good about all those things when I put on my new bikini this summer, even though I’m well past my 40th birthday.

I’ll just get a spray tan. Because as an old friend once so wisely observed, “If you can’t tone it, tan it.”