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When we walk the fine line between inspiration and intimidation we must understand that one will lead us to a positive change and an ‘ I can‘ mindset and the other, admits defeat often preventing us from even starting or really getting going.

The number one key to any weight loss experience is to evaluate your own self worth. Do you know how many women I meet who tell me their issue is lack of motivation and self control. But from my experience this is not true, underneath so many people’s issues, is not motivation or any of those type of reasoned excuses, it’s a low self esteem and self worth.

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Please don’t be inspired by the pictures of a smaller waist or a size 10 figure.

I have learnt that big or small, we must strive to love the body we have. Don’t yearn for a different body but learn to respect, train and look fabulous in the one we are in.

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Self loathing does not care about your size and affects us all. Be inspired that: someone else took charge, battled their demons, decided they were worth it and are now rocking the body they were given in all its glory.

The before doesn’t show the many tears shed

But be aware in their one less roll or their tighter butt lies some of the things a picture can’t tell you.

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What a before and after picture can’t tell you?

The before doesn’t show the many tears shed, the parties missed, clothes thrown in the bin because of self loathing.
And the after doesn’t show you how many years you have gained by living healthy or the inner joy of being active, light and free from restriction.

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Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others.

If you find yourself going there: STOP, and instead remember yourself at an age before self-loathing had entered your consciousness. Remember the little girl who just loved and wanted to be loved in return, and let her inspire you again.

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