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Being called “middle aged” never really appealed to me that much.  I didn’t like the combination of the words or the label attached to it! Which is why I was pleased to read in the Sunday Times Style magazine, this week that there’s a new, less dowdy name for me now. I’m happy to announce that I’m a Midster!

Yes I’m now part middle aged Woman and part female Hipster, and I love it…..Well most of it.

Midlife is getting a rebrand thanks to a raft of new TV shows 🙌🏽

Having got over my mini crisis and deciding to accept myself and my age, a few years back, I’m right behind any message that tells us that we are in our prime, and still a driving force, as we move into our 40’s & 50’s.

I see: strong, beautiful, powerful and glamorous ladies everyday. I see their generosity, compassion and support for each other grow as their own confidence rebuilds itself after the initial shock of hitting whatever number it was that first said to us “old”.

Here are some of the Lifestyle traits that Style suggest would signify a Midster and some of my alternatives that I’ve added in:

* Balayage

– a layered approach to highlights. No need to change that one, I’m a seasoned Balayager

* Sage Complex

– a herbal “remedy” for hot flushes. Well I’m not needing these just yet, but will start to work on concocting a fresh sage alternative.

* Big Little Lies

– I’m going to have to catch up on this one.

Fitness Ladies Midster

* Veganuary

– I gave up the vino for a month this year, but think I could give up meat next year, but think a full on vegan diet for a whole month seems a bit too much for me.

* Getting a cavachon puppy

– Well with 4 dogs in the pack already, there’s no room even for one of these cuties. Could be a bit too cute to fit in with my mud lovers!

Fitness Ladies - Midster

* Stan Smiths

Fitness Ladies - Midster
– I get the whole retro look but am going to stick with my favorite xxxxxx for now.

Carvela - Fitness Ladies2

* Negroni

– had to try two of these just to make sure I could commit to this as one of my top 3 Cocktails. It’s in!

Fitness Ladies - Midster

* Ambitious family hols to Tokyo

– With 5 children, who already occupy 3 different continents, I don’t see a visit to Tokyo on my list any time soon.

* Headspace

– was an early adopter of Headspace but it didn’t capture me enough to stick with it. I’m looking into various forms and styles of meditation at the moment, so I will have to report back.
If you have reached a time in your life when you know that you’re ready for change, but aren’t sure which way to go. You’re in the right place.

If you’d like to lose Weight, tone up, or just feel better about yourself, then I can definitely help you with that. I’ve helped 000’s of ladies just like you.

Suffering the twin fears of: failure and loss of identity. Fighting the unwinnable battle against ageing and gravity are all perfectly normal and natural responses to what you’re experiencing right now.

Wherever you are on your journey right now. That’s fine!

The next big step along that journey is understanding and accepting where you are today. Embracing that. Accepting all the trials and tribulations that have brought you to this place. Then and only then will you be ready to truly move on with your life.

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