Cecilia Harris - Fitness Ladies New Years Resolutions

My life has been a series of very distinct chapters, and I just love turning that page, giving a long exhale and moving forward again ready for the next challenge.

Fitness Ladies New Diary for 2017

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Chapters don’t always finish neatly at the end of a year, but I really feel like this year it has for me. 2016 has seen me overcome some massive personal fears. Believing that ladies like you might be interested in what I had to say (even though I and my life aren’t “perfect”) and talking honestly, openly and publicly (sometimes without so much as a scrap of makeup on) have been two biggies.

My challenge for 2017 is to help even more people overcome issues concerning their weight or  simply to help them create a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is what I’ve been perfecting over the past 10 years and it’s really exciting to now be ready to go with a system that I know works.

For absolutely no good reason, I used to associate “New Year Resolutions” slightly negatively. I think maybe it’s because it doesn’t really exist as a saying or as a thing in French. My first encounters with it were almost always people deciding to “force” some change in their lives often by restrictions (think alcohol or food).

Thankfully I looked up the meaning of resolute (as in resolution) and it literally couldn’t be more positive and even inspiring.

Here is just one definition that I love ❤️



  1. admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

“he was resolute in his fight to uphold liberal values”

synonyms: purposeful, purposive, resolved, decided, adamant, single-minded, firm, unswerving, unwavering, undaunted, fixed, set, intent & insistent

Omg I’ve never considered myself as “admirably purposeful” but I do now!

Making a Resolution regarding losing weight is very common and on the face of it pretty straightforward. But so many people get it wrong that it’s generally agreed that over half have abandoned their best intentions before Easter hits.

Likewise many fitness based Resolutions are just as quickly ditched. Some of the first to go are normally the new treadmill, or bike and the Gym Membership of course.

Cecilia Harris - Fitness Ladies

Try to have a clear idea of what is most important to you!

Is it 75% Weightloss and 25% Health. Or visa versa?

Is it 50:50, or are you happy to focus on your health and let the weight fall in line at some point?

As I say. Losing weight is (in theory) very straight forward. Restrict your calorie intake to less than your calorie expenditure and bingo, you will start losing weight. Making sure you do this in a “healthy way” is where all the confusion seems to happen.

Understanding that low fat on the lips does not equal low fat on the hips, is just one example of this confusion. Recognising that a “diet” soda (because of the compounds used to create its 0 calorie claim), is harmful to you long term health, is another.

Changing the condition of your health or fitness level can feel like getting a fresh start in life and should be an empowering experience. Perhaps you’ve been overweight for some time and want to feel healthier. Perhaps you’ve always been pretty sedentary but have decided you’d like to get fitter.

Incorporating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and cutting out processed and junk foods wherever possible should be the basis of any diet.

Fortunately, physical changes are some of the easiest to make.

Eating better is pretty easy once you know where to start.

Incorporating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and cutting out processed and junk foods wherever possible should be the basis of any diet. Btw, sachets or scoops of most powders are heavily processed and should be approached with caution if you are looking for a sustainable healthy solution.

Getting and then staying fit is the other big aim for a New Year

If this is your goal, then you should aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic exercise, incorporating muscle-strengthening exercises at least 2 times per week.

Again this sounds like a simple proposition, but it’s ultra important to factor in things like boredom, which is a big factor in why people give up.

There also needs to be progression in what you do and this is where it can get difficult if you go it alone.

As is the case with most everything in life, it is finding the balance point where the magic happens.

I look forward to working with all of my Fitness Ladies clients in 2017,  helping them find their own fitness and health balance is what I love to do. I’d love to help you achieve your Resolutions this year, so start your journey by clicking here.

Happy New Year to all