You start off the day with the best intentions — finding time to exercise, track your food intake and make healthy choices.

But then life happens. One of the kids is sick, the babysitter is late, traffic jams, the boss asks you to work overtime or any one of a hundred other surprises that can really wreck your day.

Before you know it your plans are in trouble and your prospects for “sticking to it” aren’t looking very good. In fact, things are probably going to get worse as the day goes on. By the end of the day you have no energy left for exercise and the task of preparing a healthy meal feels like a big burden when what you really want is a break. Something has to give.

More often than not “what gives” is your plan to exercise and eat right. When times are hard the things most likely to go undone are those that don’t affect or involve anyone but you—especially if those things involve a bit of extra effort and willpower.

Cecilia Harris - Fitness Ladies Personal Trainer Home Workout & Gym Workout Plans finding time to exercise

It may be true that sometimes you don’t want to exercise or that you would prefer fast food rather than cooking a healthy dinner. That’s understandable but it doesn’t mean you’re not motivated, it just means that you want two different things and you have to make a decision.

Start with something that’s pretty easy to manage and build up from there. Set a goal of one 10-minute exercise session per week. Then increase it to two 10-minute sessions. Gradually add minutes to each workout (and eventually add one or more additional workouts to your week), until you’re exercising as long and as frequently as you should in order to reach your goals. The simple act of setting aside some time for exercise every day, no matter how little, and sticking to it is enough to start building the habit. If you need some inspiration there are many places online where you can find exercises for women over 40.

We all have to start somewhere so start at a level that is comfortable for you and build on it. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today, so set aside those simple ten minutes to do a little bit of exercise to set you on your way to a healthier, happier, less stressed you! To help you on your journey and keep you motivated, sign up at Fitness Ladies now.

Cecilia xx

p.s. here’s a free gift for you lovely ladies, a quick workout. Stay motivated and stay happy xx