Why can’t I lose belly fat ?
I have probably been asked this question at least once a day for the past 10 years as a personal trainer !!!

So firstly I want to say sometimes a bit of tummy fat is fine. It makes, in my opinion a body more feminine. I call it my” little pouch of happiness “. I accept it and do not obsess over it. I look at my pouch of happiness and think: “you have carried a baby for 9 month in there, you had a c section. You have had so many lovely glasses of wine, some amazing sugary treats and unforgettable pasta dishes”. 
One of my clients has named her pouch “Pinot” (for Pinot Grigio) 😂😂
I am not saying all this as an excuse to eat or drink anything and everything you know is unhealthy. I am just saying accept where you are at and decide where you are going from here. Ok now, I am going to also stress that excess abdominal fat actually produces inflammatory molecules, and high inflammation levels in your body which can trigger a wider range of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes. For me, one of the most important thing to address is your stress level. Stress releases cortisol known as the “stress hormone” which de-pleats lean muscle and makes your body hold on to fat around your belly 😱.
Getting a good night sleep is ultra important as are your breathing pattern. Taking time out or even meditation breaks. The only way to address these lifestyle factors successfully is to come out with a plan that you can stick with. Turning electronics off 1 hour before bedtime. Writing down any outstanding niggles or issues that are in your mind, helps me to wake up without being anxious about them.
Meditation is a proven benefit when it comes to reducing stress. I personally haven’t mastered it but I do take breaks during the day to stay in the moment and focus on my breathing. I do a little breathing technique which is to simply count in my head every long slow breath.  I count to 10 or more sometimes if needed. 
Is that it ? Humm no… We also have to look at diet and exercise. 
For me the best form of exercise to burn fat is HIIT training. Exercising in shorter bursts with rest periods in between burns more fat than exercising continuously for an entire session (i.e. Going on a treadmill for hours at the gym). 
Include planks in your workouts, which engages a wider range of muscle groups including arms, legs, glutes, back, pelvic muscles and obliques. 
No matter how much or how well you exercise all your efforts may come to nought if you are still eating processed food and over drinking alcohol. Eating right is crucial when you are trying to get rid of visceral fat (tummy fat which internally is fat around your organs). Swap for whole foods, as minimally processed as possible.
Alcohol wise I personally stopped drinking for 31 days and I fell so much better for it and also have seen a reduction in my tummy fat. Just remember alcohol just adds calories (empty calories, no nutrition value). I am going to try to stick to having one glass of red wine with my dinner whenever I fancy it👍
So the reality is this, banishing excess tummy fat is not impossible but you have to take a whole of life approach. There is no amount of exercise or healthy eating that will continue to work if you are in a stress state. Likewise getting any continuing of only 2 right leaves the door open for all your good effort to be undone if you don’t address all 3.
A little of each is always better than a lot of one .
Cecilia xx


Dynamic planks best workout for your tummy muscles.