How to dress for your age 🙈

There’s a moment of panic that I ran into the other day while shopping for clothes. I found an amazing top that I just loved. It fitted perfectly, it had a cool design, it was the right price…but right before I decided to add it to my “f@*k yeah” pile, I noticed that I was standing in the “teens to young ladies” section. And in an instant, my shopping trip turned into an internal moral debate.

I’m 45 I have a few  grey hair and wrinkles. I don’t look too wrinkly But even at a glance, it is apparent that I am a full-grown woman.Knowing that, I am well aware of the go-to insult when people see middle-aged people dressing in certain outfits: “God, that’s so sad. She is a middle-aged woman who dresses like she’s 18. She can’t let go of her youth.” I’ve said it myself about other people — some of them movie stars, and some of them just regular people I’ve seen on the street. Part of me looks back on the woman who said that with shame, but an even bigger part says, “You do not want to be that person who can’t dress her age.”

And that’s the weirdest part. What exactly is “dressing your age”? I’ve seriously had to look it up because I have no idea, and what I found was … well, I still have no idea. As far as I can tell, it’s just toning yourself down. Dressing more conservatively. Less rebellion, less edge, less attention-grabbing patterns, less everything. Now, don’t get me wrong here: I’m still going to dress the way I want, but for the first time in my life, I’m doing that with caution.