Just about everyday I get asked, “how do you have the motivation to exercise?” and “how do you stay motivated?”

My advice is usually as follows:

First and most important is to, identify your goal, and be as specific as possible.

Do you want to workout and eat healthier to fit into a favorite outfit? Is it more energy or a  healthy feeling you’re after. Or is it a look: defined arms, flat belly, smaller or bigger bum?

Whatever it is, I suggest writing it down and putting it somewhere that you’ll feel it’s presence, somewhere close to you, preferably somewhere that you will see it every day. But keep it personal, don’t let anybody else question it, or make you justify it. This is your goal.

Envisage the end result. When you are fit, you will enjoy increased stamina and strength, and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. This creates a new more positive, happier you. Motivation has to be at first empowered in your mind .

Writing down goals tends to lead to more successful results than simply thinking them. When you commit your goals to paper and you are able to look at them daily, you’ll remain focused on the desired outcome, particularly if it’s a goal that will take time to achieve. No matter what you’re striving for, there will be challenges along the way. Writing down your goal and keeping it in sight will keep you moving toward accomplishment. Every challenging journey has its setbacks. Surround yourself with supportive people and environments. Recognise setbacks for what they are and stay focused. Your journey is as important as reaching your goal. Enjoy the journey 👍 you can do this 💪💋