s.a.d or mad

I can’t believe how I let the weather affect my mood !! How ridiculous can this be ?? I’m sure you’ve heard of SAD or Seasonally Affective Disorder, but this is supposed to be a winter thing, not the middle of summer!
However there is scientific reasons why I am not completely mad 😂
Most of us are aware that spending time outdoors on a sunny day and allowing the sun to shine on your bare skin is necessary for your body to produce vitamin D which also plays a role in serotonin production. Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure 👍

Don’t be bonded to the shades of grey😈

Well great but as I wake up and see grey skies and pouring rain my first thoughts are miserable. I feel down and literally have no energy . I don’t want to get out of bed and from then on everything seems difficult. Getting my son out of bed is a struggle. I have more then 1 coffee thinking it will give me more energy. Even my clients are slow and really hard to motivate. But the truth is it’s all in my head . I started the day negative and making my life much harder for myself my family and even my clients . So what shall I do ?? As my next client walks in I decide to change . The music goes louder. The speakers are busting “hed Kandi” album reminding me of a real summer. I change the client routine to a more cardio based one and I get involved . We are now both dripping with sweat and our moods have lifted . I finish the session earlier and stretch thoroughly. By the end we are both laying on our mats with our eyes shut and just breathing. Our breathes are deep and our minds are relaxed to the point of almost drifting into a sleep.
Session over, my client thanks me for making her feel good and leaves with a big smile on her face 😀 I feel the same, buzzing from helping her and proud of myself for changing my mood. I am free of sadness for the whole day onwards 
Weather nil / Cecilia 1