So what is Fitness Ladies? Is it about the way you look? Is it about how you feel? Or how long you can hold a plank? Is fitness just physical only or psychological too? 

For me the truth is, fitness is none of these things alone, but all of these things combined and so so much more.
I have been lucky enough to help 1000s of ladies, young and old to improve what they started out as seeing as fitness.


Results With Lucy Bootcamp
 I must have heard “I just want to lose weight and tone up” a thousand times, but in nearly every case they ended up seeing fitness as part of their whole life. How they feel about themselves and how they want to improve themselves going forward. 


On this blog I am mostly going to concentrate on ladies who like me are in or approaching middle age because this has been a really emotional and meaningful period of life. I am no longer that young lady who is care free and light. As my body and hormones change my whole outlook and vision of me in the present and future is changing with it. 


Me and My Friends
But let’s not get too serious here. Humour is even more important to me now then it ever has been. Enjoying and being comfortable in myself and my body doesn’t have to be a stressful part of my life, and now more than ever I am determined to squeeze out every last drop of fun.  Live, love, travel, eat, laugh. Oh wait I’m beginning to sound like a Julia Roberts movie!